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Latest generation technologies are revolutionising consumers' shopping experience, also thanks to the fusion of two worlds that just a few years ago seemed to be at opposite ends of the spectrum: online stores and physical ones. The British daily newspaperThe Guardian, explains it in a special feature, pointing out that bringing the online experience to physical stores is actually one of the most innovative best practices in the retail industry. The mix between the real and digital is the

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What are the professions that in 20 years are likely to be the most widespread in the industrialized countries?

According to the forecasts of some of the main study centres in the employment sector, first of all the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor, the most advanced sectors will undoubtedly be those with high technological content and those linked to the green economy. But even the traditional personal care will develop strongly, due to the population aging.

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The prerogatives of the gig economy: flexibility and contacts in real time.                                                                      

Probably you're wondering what is it? To fully understand the phenomenon just think that the most known case of gig economy is certainly #Uber.

This is an App that allows those who need a ride to rely on Uber drivers, private citizens who are available to provide a ride in the city against payment.

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