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Milan has always been the city of business, where every single day can be a decisive element for the growth of your business.
Executive Service is the right partner to optimize your office costs and have at disposal all the facilities you may need.

Our employees will answer the calls from your clients in Italian, English, French, German or Spanish, collect your mail, and record the messages received for you.

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Somewhere in the world there is a person who is our carbon copy. Put simply: we all have a twin.

Everything started in 2015 when Niamh, an Irish girl, was contacted by a TV programme to participate in a bizarre competition: to find her unknown twin.

After two weeks' searching Niamh found Karen, from Dublin and shortly after Luisa from Genoa and Irene from Sligo. Even though they all look alike, the four girls are not related in any way.

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"If you hear hooves you think of a horse, not of a zebra". Unless you live in Africa.  

When faced with a problem, we do not always look for the easiest explanation, however, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the right one, a clear reference to “Occam's razor”. This is what I talk about with some students, who lose themselves trying to find solutions while forgetting about simplicity. 

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