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By Dr. Laura Mondino

Writing down information and appointments by hand (instead of using the keyboard) helps you to remember concepts and notions better.

In adults, because handwriting is slower than typing, it gives you more time  to reflect; whereas in children, it also facilitates the learning process: allowing them to  not only learn to read quicker, once having learned to write by hand, but also to  make them more capable of generating ideas and of conserving data.

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By Dr. Laura Mondino

I would like to dispel a myth that we often hearduring the course of our personal growth process (or read in “certain” books) from those who know very little about how the brain works. At least compared to someone who has studied the brain for years in university classrooms and maybe has even handled it in the operating rooms or research centres.

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By Dr. Laura Mondino

It is rare for an essay to read like a novel, however, Nassim Taleb's book manages to  have exactly this effect..

Fooled by Randomness talks about luck, that is to say, about the role that chance plays in our life,  but it also speaks about the luck that, not being perceived as such, is mistaken for skill: a confusion present in a wide range of fields: from science to politics, from literature to finance.

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