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remote working

Being a remote worker allows employees to be more digital, productive and happy (confirmed by the latest research by Polytechnic of Milan’s Smart Working Observatory), but remote working or working in an independent business, like an office in a business center, requires professionality.

Emanuela Zaccone, Digital Entrepreneur, co-founder and Marketing & Product Manager of, listed the 5 rules to learn to be an excellent remote worker.

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smart working

We can already confirm that 2017 will be remembered also by the law on Smart Working: an approach to work that allows employees from the most forward-looking businesses, upon previous agreement between the parties, to focus on meeting the objectives and not anymore on when or where it’s done, all thanks to innovative technology

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Le Suggestioni del Vetro’ (Glass inspirations) is Daniela Gilardoni’s exhibition presented in the Spaces of Executive Service in Milan, a collection of works that tells the story that has led the contemporary artist to discover a material that is as versatile as it is fascinating.

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