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For Facebook the business of the future is female.

Small and medium sized enterprises represent the backbone of the Italian economy and amongst these, one in five (21.8%), is a female enterprise.


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The business of the future in one word: free.

The Web has undoubtedly changed the life of people for different aspects and has countless advantages that make it unique and inimitable, one in particular is the fact that for the users it is free. It may be because we are so used to using it now that we hardly notice that it is free and so immediate for anybody, but this is the main characteristic that the Internet possesses and it provides a new way of economising, or better the ideal model of the business of the future.

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The relationship between art and business is not only possible but also advantageous.

Especially in the last thirty years, the phenomenon of Corporate Art Collections has been consolidated in Italy too. Today, it has to cope with the subject of how it is to be managed and fostered and it has to challenge the ever smaller budgets imposed by the economic crisis.

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