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The headquarters of Executive Service Network is located in the heart of Milan’s business district, in Via Vincenzo Monti 8, just a short walk from Cadorna station. Two thousand square meters of office space on three floors in an elegant period building. The Business Lounge makes the environment even more special: opened in 2013 and just renovated with a new lighting planned by the Milanese architect Geo Lanza, now this room can also become a precious location to set up events or presentations.

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Are you a self-employed professional working out of your home? What do you do when you need to meet your clients? Have you ever though of renting a meeting room? Executive Service provides such rooms for rent, to help those who do not have their own office space or need to organise meetings far from their company’s headquarters.

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An exclusive gift for the Milan Executive Service clients. They will receive the prestigious corporate card, which gives them discounts and advantages and provides access to an exclusive world of benefits and conventions with selected and qualified partners.

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