About Us

With forty years of experience in the sector, EXECUTIVE SERVICE is the partner that can optimise working space with the offer of serviced offices and meeting rooms in class A buildings, virtual offices with prestigious addresses and translation, interpreting and communication services.

EXECUTIVE SERVICE is not just a brand. EXECUTIVE SERVICE is a lifestyle, a model created in 1972 by someone who felt that Milan, which has always been the Italian business capital, needed a new way of interpreting the concept of “Office”.
That idea belonged to Cav. Sebastiano Carpentieri, whose forma mentis, moulded by his managerial experience in the United States, was devoted to continuous innovation. Importing the concept of Business Centre, associating it with a fully Italian style of management, made up of passion and “family style” care, making the perfect combination that creates success for the first Executive Service centre.

This was something totally new for Italy. The first structure only had five rooms, that rapidly multiplied until there were twenty rooms for just as many clients. Some of these were foreigners, already used to taking advantage of this type of service, and Italian entrepreneurs who immediately sensed the benefits of this new type of working. 

In just a short time, requests grew to such an extent that it became necessary to expand the premises. The Business Centre moved from its original location in Via Boccaccio to the current site in the adjacent, elegant Via Vincenzo Monti, in a prestigious Liberty-style building, one of the most stunning in Milan. The number of furnished offices increased to 55, in addition to meeting rooms, and reception areas.

In the meanwhile, the EXECUTIVE SERVICE brand grew beyond the borders of Lombardia and expanded to Rome, then to Florence, Bologna, Verona, Brescia, Genoa…  New structures were added to form the first Network of Office Residences in Italy.

A successful story created for your success.