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Work less. And be happier!

While a fifth of Japanese workers seem to be at suicide risk because overworked (it just came out the White Paper based on a survey of...

The Yard, the Guest House on the Navigli

In Milan, along the Navigli, it hides a hotel that, actually, wants to be a guest house with a few rooms.

There is no alternative...

There are phrases that have the power not only to leave their mark, but even to stop events. To cut off legs, to take your breath away. One of these is "there is no alternative"

Milan has always been the city of business

Milan has always been the city of business, where every single day can be a decisive element for the growth of your business.

We all have an unknown twin

Everything started in 2015 when Niamh, an Irish girl, was contacted by a TV programme to participate in a bizarre competition: to find her unknown twin.

If you hear hooves you think of a horse, not of a zebra. Unless you live in Africa

When faced with a problem, we do not always look for the easiest explanation, however, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the right one, a clear reference to “Occam's razor”.

Handwriting is good for your creativity and memory

Writing down information and appointments by hand (instead of using the keyboard) helps you to remember concepts and notions better.

Is it true that the most gifted have success in life?

It is rare for an essay to read like a novel, however, Nassim Taleb's book manages to have exactly this effect..

Let us dispel a myth: it is not true that the brain does not understand negative statements

I would like to dispel a myth that we often hearduring the course of our personal growth process from those who know very little about how the brain works.

10 reasons to invest in Italy

Italy is the third biggest economy in Eurozone and the eighth in the world with a GDP of about 2 thousand billion dollars

2018 Man Booker International Prize goes to her for her novel "Flights"

The famous Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk has won the most prestigious literary award, the International Prize