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#executivestories Randi Zuckerberg:«Technology has changed my life, but I prefer to live»

36 year-old businesswoman, entrepreneur and writer, Randi Zuckerberg, Mark's sister, used to be marketing director at Facebook.

#executivestorie Spotify listed on the Stock Exchange. History of its founder Daniel Ek

The founder of the streaming service is Daniel Ek, 35 years-old, a precocious and serial entrepreneur.

For Facebook the business of the future is female.

Small and medium sized enterprises represent the backbone of the Italian economy and amongst these, one in five (21.8%), is a female enterprise.

The business of the future in one word: free

The Web has undoubtedly changed the life of people for different aspects and has countless advantages that make it unique and inimitable, one in particular is the fact that for the users it is free.

Is art good for business?

The relationship between art and business is not only possible but also advantageous.

Customer experience even more engaging thanks to augmented reality

Latest generation technologies are revolutionising consumers' shopping experience, also thanks to the fusion of two worlds that just a few years ago seemed to be at opposite ends of the spectrum: online stores and physical ones.

A trip in 2030 discovering the emerging new professional positions

What are the professions that in 20 years are likely to be the most widespread in the industrialized countries?

The gig economy, keyword is flexibility

The prerogatives of the gig economy: flexibility and contacts in real time.

Business centers, working to the rhythm of the music

Italians like listening to music, it was revealed by a poll prepared by Linkedin and Spotify which says that Italy is in first place in Europe with 85% of passionate listeners, followed by Spain and France.

Business centers, multifunctional places where to talk about art

It seems like Milan in the next year will inaugurate new multifunctional spaces around the Central Station where old, abandoned bridges will become modern art galleries.
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